PPAI Magazine September 2023

Send feedback on articles in PPAI Magazine or opinions on industry issues to JamesK@ppai.org. Feedback 09.23 Mix3R / Shutterstock.com Welcoming PPAI’s Incoming Board Leaders In July, PPAI named its incoming board officers for 2024. Andrew Spellman, CAS, board chair; Denise Taschereau, incoming chair; Chris Anderson, vice chair, financial services; and Kevin Walsh, CAS, immediate past chair, will begin their one-year terms immediately following The PPAI Expo 2024. Congratulations to all! PPAI is blessed by the amazing talent available for its leadership. It is this strength and caliber of membership that has made promotional products the most professional, effective and important sector of the advertising industry worldwide. I hope to be able to visit The PPAI Expo again soon to renew old acquaintances – especially my fellow members of the PPAI Hall of Fame. And a special shout-out to Denise Taschereau from a former president and CEO of PPPC. Kurt Reckziegel President and CEO (Retired) Promotional Products Association of Canada The Next Generation In a PPAI Media Voices column, “How Promo Can Attract Future Leaders,” AIA CEO Nancy Schmidt shares her thoughts on attracting young professionals to the promotional products industry. Amazing article, and we totally agree with so many of the stated points. As someone newer in the industry, engaging with suppliers, distributors and all those involved is the best way to learn! Hopefully, we can all come together collaboratively and create a program for the younger generation. Justin Tsou Tomax City of Industry, California PPAI 113176, S6 Tech Tool Best Practices A July PPAI Media article, “Tech Tools Enable Interactive Promo To Keep Users’ Attention For The Long Haul,” shone a spotlight on QR codes and near-field communication (NFC) and the opportunities the technologies pose for companies operating in the promotional merchandise field. Good stuff. As much as I like NFC – so much that I put a chip in my hand during a slow quarantine day – I prefer QR codes for clients. NFCs are typically invisible, meaning that unless your design or imprint shows where the chip is and prompts the recipient to scan, it goes unnoticed. QRs, on the other hand, are recognizable as something to be scanned. Sure, they can look ugly, but DuckDuckGo “QR code Midjourney” to see some cool AI solutions for that. You might need to upsell a second imprint location for the QR code – but hey, that’s just a bonus for you! One more thing, use URL parameters to personalize your digital destination. Your client’s marketing technology team will know! Eric Granata Chief Technology Officer Brand Fuel Raleigh, North Carolina PPAI 277900, D8 8 • SEPTEMBER 2023 • PPAI