PPAI Magazine May 2023

Silver Perfect Imprints Fort Walton Beach, Florida Objective: The Perfect Imprints team wanted to help an inspiring customer spread awareness of heart disease by sharing her story about how she used promotional products to help others remember her son. Strategy & Execution: After losing her son, Delaney, to heart disease, Wini wanted to provide a tangible reminder that friends and family could take with them. Thus the “Wear Your Heart On Your Insulated Can Sleeves” project was born. The Perfect Imprints team found Wini’s story inspiring and encouraging and wanted to share it with their online audience, and Wini volunteered her time to be interviewed. The team posted the video to the Perfect Imprints YouTube channel and wrote the blog version, which was posted February 1, just in time for American Heart Month. Results: Although not the most-visited post of the blog, the “Wear Your Heart” story achieved the primary goals of inspiring and encouraging, as well as expanding readers’ understanding of how promo products can be used. Silver PromoCorner Middleboro, Massachusettts Objective: This episode of the PromoCorner “Insider Crew” webcast sought to educate viewers on how a multisensory approach to branding can create memorable experiences that leave recipients with a positive impression of the giver. Strategy & Execution: Industry Insider is a live video series that runs weekly on PromoCorner’s social media platforms and reposted in the PromoJournal section on PromoCorner.com. During this episode, the hosts and guests discussed how receiving gourmet food as a gift appeals to all five senses and taps into emotion for a more memorable experience. Samples were sent to each host ahead of time, so viewers were able to watch their real-time, unscripted responses. They also discussed how suppliers and distributors can work together to curate the best gifts for their recipients, as well as the importance of customized packaging, drop shipping and asking the right questions. Results: This episode reached a broad audience with more than 900 views, nearly 200 engagments and over 30 comments. PPAI Pyramid Awards | Must Read Submissions for PPAI’s 2024 Pyramid Awards are now accepted through May 12. The submissions must be chosen from campaigns created between April 1, 2022, and April 1, 2023. For more information and to enter the competition, visit www.ppai.org/pyramid. PPAI • MAY 2023 • 51