PPAI Magazine May 2023

Innovation | Voices you start, your transformation should result in a better customer experience with your organization. Don’t lose sight of the importance of the customer in any effort. At PPAI, what began with such simple mindset shifts as publishing our media team’s articles online when they are ready (instead of weeks or months later when you receive your magazine) has created the initial forward momentum that is now demonstrating itself in transitions from outdated but comfortable business and finance systems to newer, more robust platforms. We’ve seen significant gains already, and the culture is moving ahead, even if we have a long way to go before many member customers even notice the transformation. The improved technology is just a secondary factor in fulfilling our vision. In any company, leadership must have a commitment to transformation. Leaders must change the expectations and culture before moving on to new technology (if new technology is even needed). If the leaders do not actively lead the transformation, the investment is likely going to be wasted anyway. The best leaders will lean into a transformation project and allocate time and energy to ensure success, not simply approve a budget and leave the rest to IT – a sure recipe for challenges, if not failure. Having a strong and capable IT team to identify and implement the right technical solutions is important, but the commitment of leaders is just as necessary. Bad technology choices don’t help, of course. They can delay progress and be extremely costly. But these missteps can be overcome, whereas an unwillingness to evolve cannot. The cultural advancement your business makes will far outweigh the bells and whistles that come with any new software. Every company in promotional products needs to be on a digital transformation journey. It will never be complete. But like life, the journey is the reward. Cliché, sure. But absolutely worth understanding. Denham is the president and CEO at PPAI. What Is PDX? • Promo Data Exchange (PDX) is a free integration for PPAI member suppliers. It transmits order status and inventory to 45,000 distributor SAGE users. • Access to this information is included with distributors’ SAGE subscription (every PPAI distributor member company has at least one license). PPAI: 111248 | ASI: 35375 | SAGE: 50327 | UPIC: ACCENTS | DC: 101273 888.287.7883 www.americanaccents.com Scan for more info! Made & Printed in the USA Quick Turn Arounds Low Minimums 50 PIECE MINIMUMS! GRIP-IT™ COASTERS • Digital 4-Color process imprint • Custom shapes available • Digitally die cut; no extra fee • 170+ stock shapes available • Available in 7 di’erent colors • Triple layered PVC material PPAI • MAY 2023 • 29