PPAI Magazine May 2023

Q A Distributor Asks: We have a client with four very specific Pantone colors that they would like to match consistently in every print job across various items. The green color specifically has been an issue several times (too dark on tumblers, too light on T-shirts.) I know inks and colors will look slightly different on different items and backgrounds, and I’m aware of the coated versus uncoated issue. I’m suggesting pre-production proofs, but sometimes that isn’t feasible. Are there any words of wisdom that I can or should pass on to the client when explaining color variations? Some textile printers don’t use the Pantone blending inks to match PMS. I have a local guy who uses the inks from his “house brand” of opaque screen-printing inks, and he’s a genius at matching PMS colors. Given every factory and every screen printer is different, the thing to do is have a conversation with the art team at every factory and then explain limitations to your client for every order. And, yes, get pre-production samples. CRAIG SAHLI CEO Graphics Network Tulsa, Oklahoma PPAI 670721, D1 Some colors are more difficult due to their makeup on the color spectrum. For screen printing, have your printer order your specific ink in special and test-print the color with every new bucket to the previous “approved” swatch. That will help, but not perfect. On hard goods, if they run full color (CMYK), then they cannot control the specific colors. Your specific colors need to be run as spot color to better dial them in/control them. This is going to limit what products you can choose from. ANDY LANTZMAN Promotional Therapist Geiger Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PPAI 780859, D1 Mistakes Happen Industry pros are quick to share expertise, insights and opinions on all things promo. Amid this batch of answered questions, distributors share how they navigate finicky color matching, late rush orders and compromised cards. Compiled by Kristina Valdez Voices | Solutions Kovalov Anatolii, IFaritovna, Gino Santa Maria, Massimo Vernicesole, New Africa / Shutterstock.com 26 • MAY 2023 • PPAI