PPAI Magazine May 2023

Send feedback on articles in PPAI Magazine or opinions on industry issues to JamesK@ppai.org. Feedback GoodStudio / Shutterstock.com 05.23 In Search Of A Solution The April issue of PPAI Magazine shared a distributor’s tale of doing considerable research for a client’s project, only for them to turn around and buy the products online “because they are online and free shipping.” The distributor asked their peers how they weed out similar customers. I find that the client whose first words out of their mouth is, “I saw this online for $XX, can you sell it for less?” is a client that will end up taking up a lot of time and end up ordering elsewhere. Clients going online to research for pennies less becomes a hassle and usually will not end well for me. The work and time involved does not factor into some clients’ minds. Donna Schwechter President Diamond Star Promotions Great Neck, New York PPAI Names Its 2023 Technology Committee PPAI has announced the members of its Technology Committee for 2023. This group of distributors, suppliers and service providers will work with the Association to identify industry problems and brainstorm viable solutions, as well as advance its Promo Data Exchange (PDX) program. Impressive group of visionary individuals! Looking forward to seeing progress and leadership around this important issue. Paul Kiewiet, MAS+ Executive Director Michigan Promotional Professionals Association Grand Rapids, Michigan This is a nice, well-rounded group. I can foresee some thought-provoking exchanges for a critical area facing our industry. Christopher Duffy Vice President of Marketing California Tattoos Tucson PPAI 111028, S5 Gemline And Former Secretary of Defense Share A Look At Global Issues In March, PPAI Media reported on a webinar hosted by Lawrence, Massachusetts-based supplier Gemline featuring Leon Panetta, former secretary of defense and CIA chief. The session, which included a Q&A component, provided high-level commentary on major issues facing the U.S. and its business community. With a near monopoly on global trade for promotional products by China, our industry’s business relationships with China are of paramount interest. The more insights we can gain – as well as political influence we can gain domestically here in the U.S. and in China – the better we position ourselves for mutually beneficial opportunities, gains and losses. Jeff Adkins ZZ Promos El Monte, California PPAI 52441, S5 8 • MAY 2023 • PPAI