PPAI Magazine March 2023

Essentials | Good Taste Spread The Love The PPAI Expo 2023 reconnected an entire industry, and savory and sweet spreads were central to these serendipitous reunions. With promo, you can create a spring spread that’ll spark connections. by Kristina Valdez FOR ONE WEEK OF THE YEAR, promo pros swap out emails and phone calls for dinners and parties. The PPAI Expo 2023 was the industry social event of the year. Exhibitors and attendees were eager to build fulfilling and impactful connections. To break the ice, shareable and interactive food lured promo pros into their comfort zones. Food is everyone’s common denominator; it’s a global language. Studies show that meal sharing is a kind of social glue. Breaking bread together strengthens communities by building trust and boosting morale. Dawn Pilon, account executive at Washingtonbased supplier Chocolate Chocolate, says, “Good food is one of the most memorable senses – you remember where you were, the great taste, who you were with and the fun you had. The creativity behind these fun food products is a strong part of that equation.” This year’s show pony was chocolate. Crowds swarmed wherever chocolate was available on The PPAI Expo 2023 trade show floor. The most popular chocolate products demand that the recipient interact with the SNeG17 / Shutterstock.com Best Of The 24 • MARCH 2023 • PPAI