PPAI Magazine March 2023

Use Case | Essentials For “a community-building charcuterie experience we can get behind,” Rosin suggests an Acacia Cheese Board. These beautiful and unique pieces blend acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly epoxy to create one-of-a-kind serving boards. Available in nine colors, gift box included. Lynn&LianaDesigns / PPAI 811786, S0 / www.lynnliana.com Lively Root, a plant gifting service, caught the attention of more than one of our sources for this piece. Rosin appreciates that the company “offers a living, breathing gift and also donates to the Arbor Day Foundation and global reforestation with every purchase.” Design your own plant kit for individual or bulk gifting – or make it your signature welcome or thank-you gift with their on-demand service. Lively Root / PPAI 813817, S0 www.livelyroot.com/pages/live-plant-corporate-gift MEMO KAHAN President, PromoShop PPAI 204997, D11 Los Angeles, California Kahan, another judge, says he had a blast doing “The Pitch” and was impressed by the featured products, particularly these two designed for outdoor experiences that bring people together: The 3-in-1 Frost Backpack Cooler Chair from Trailform “is fun, useful, creative and actually works,” says Kahan. Simply open the top, bottom and middle zippers, set up the chair frame, attach the anchor points on the pack to the chair frame, then sit back and relax. With built-in insulated cooler pockets, expandable storage capacity and an ultra-lite chair, you get maximum versatility and comfort, all packed into a product that weighs just 3 pounds (and supports up to 300). Trailform / PPAI 813617, S0 / www.trailform.com Whether you’re hiking the trail or just enjoying a cool evening on the porch, the S’mores Night Pack includes everything you need to make four s’mores – including a portable bonfire, handmade with nontoxic materials inMaryland. This creative kit engages the senses for a lasting impression, says Kahan. City Bonfires / PPAI 814515, S1 / citybonfires.com PPAI • MARCH 2023 • 19