PPB September 2022

Food Gi f t s by Kristina Valdez No Crumbs From sweet banana nut bread to cheesy feta-tomato pasta and other tasty trends, consumers are savoring every bite there is to offer. For distributors looking to connect in an unforgettable way, food gifts are transformative and communal experiences. Simple, aesthetically pleasing recipes can inspire millions, becoming viral sensations. In early 2020, the whipped coffee craze took off after TikToker Hannah Cho posted a 15-second video of herself making the drink. The video has been liked over 2 million times. This foamy, cream creation, also known as “dalonga coffee,” has now been made into ice pops, matcha lattes, tiramisù and martinis as retail chains and cafes play catch up. Today, consumers are cooking and baking more, and with recipes easy to find online, anyone can cook. A 2021 study found that Americans are cooking 51% more often and baking 34% more compared to pre-pandemic levels. During the early months of the pandemic, food was a safe haven. Now, there’s joy in the kitchen again, and it’s here to stay. As consumers discover new ingredients, brands and products, they’re becoming more confident and creative. For those with a passion for food, social media is the best teacher. According to research, consumers are five times more likely to use recipes they have found on social media than on TV. Cookbooks have taken the backburner with more than 70% of people preferring to get their recipes from social media, according to a 2020 survey. Evellean / Shutterstock.com 54 | SEPTEMBER 2022 | GROW