PPB September 2022

by Audrey Sellers Emp l oyee Appr ec i a t i on Let’s Hear It For The Team Recognition matters at work. Here’s how companies can use promotional products to help employees feel valued and appreciated. Everyworkplace interprets employee appreciationdifferently. Some hang “Employee of theMonth” plaques on thewall. Others celebrate stafferswith gift cards or send high achievers onpaid trips. Taking time to showappreciation can lead tobig benefits, fromimprovedproductivity and enhanced engagement to reduced turnover and a strong company culture. However, despite these payoffs, studies show thatmany companies aren’t praising their teammembers nearly enough. AGallup/Workhuman study fromearlier this year found that recognition isn’t amajor priority at 81%of companies and that two in three leaders say their company has nobudget for recognitionprograms. When companies don’t prioritize appreciation—or express it at all—it shows. AOnePoll survey fromBonusly, an employee recognition and rewards program, reveals that two-thirds of staffmembers say they feel unappreciated at work on a daily basis.More thanhalf (59%) say they have never had a bosswho truly appreciates their work. Tartila / Shutterstock.com 46 | SEPTEMBER 2022 | GROW