PPB September 2022

Special Applications/Processes GOLD WINNER BAG MAKERS, INC. PPAI 111408, S10 Union, Illinois Created for an entrepreneurial beauty brand, these 12-inch paper gift bags by BAG MAKERS feature aesthetic details, like a ribbon handle and matte-laminated finish. One-sided customization is achieved using foil print decorating using three colors—gold, gloss black and metallic red foil— which requires each bag to be printed three separate times with precision. Supplier/Distributor Collaboration GOLD WINNER Visions PPAI 110751, S8 Celina, Ohio The design of this award initially called for the use of wood and acrylic for a simple cut of the logo, but Visions took it 10 steps further. The final design consists of several layers of colored and clear crystal, creating a 3D representation of the brand’s mascot. The logo is featured on a dimensional zinc plate on the award’s black crystal base, with includes four-color customization. SILVER WINNER Lion Circle Corporation PPAI 112372, S6 Chicago Working with a distributor partner, the goal of the Dad Jokes Box was to showcase the possibilities of an experience-in-a-box for virtual meetings to 175 of the distributor’s top clients. A faux Dad Jokes Conference was created to show the concept. Lion Circle Corp. created five unique products, including a digitally printed thought bubble kit, necktie with elastic prints, doorknob hanger and popcorn box, which was distributed in an offset-printed mailer envelope. Renda is a New York Metropolitan-area-based freelance writer and former associate editor at PPAI. FEATURE | 2022 Pyramid Awards in Supplier Decorating 42 | SEPTEMBER 2022 |