PPB September 2022

GOLD WINNER Pinnacle Designs PPAI 112704, S6 San Fernando, California Gifted to season ticket-holders, the concept behind these paperweights was to replicate the design of the Los Angeles Lakers’ most recent NBA Championship ring. Pinnacle Designs used two die-cast injection molds to achieve the precision required. The supplier’s most intricate paperweight to date, each magnificent piece features 402 stones. SILVER WINNER Indiana Metal Craft PPAI 112175, S5 Bloomington, Indiana The commemorative belt by Indiana Craft Metal uses clean lines and textures to tell the story of the client’s machinery. Made from classic fine pewter, each buckle underwent oxidizing, hand-buffing and lacquering to dramatize details. As an added touch, the back of the buckle is lasered with a pattern that resembles the furrows of a plowed field. Casting/Molding Combination of Processes GOLD WINNER SELCO PPAI 113845, S6 Tulsa, Oklahoma A totally new concept for SELCO, this men’s quartz watch features a dimensional dial that is digitally printed rather than die-struck. The full-color artwork is designed for the specific specs of the dial, and the result is a layering effect that produces a sharp logo and small yet readable text with clean lines. SILVER WINNER BAGMAKERS, Inc. PPAI 111408, S10 Union, Illinois This reusable tote bag uses a combination of print processes to create a multidimensional artwork effect. Designed to sell at retail, BAG MAKERS used both ColorVista and Sparkle heat transfers to bedazzle the logo with small rhinestones in a rainbow pattern that’s striking and clear-cut. 2022 Pyramid Awards in Supplier Decorating | FEATURE | SEPTEMBER 2022 | 37