PPB September 2022

Ou t doo r Wea r Ma r ke t Tr ends by Rachel Zoch Gear For The Great Outdoors Fall is fast approaching, which thankfully means cooler temperatures and the opportunity to serve clients with trending clothing that will keep them comfortable and dry. Despite the record heat across North America and Europe this summer, fall is sure to bring its share of rainy, chilly days. That means it’s a great time to start thinking about outerwear, from jackets and ponchos to umbrellas, hats andmore. When it comes to outerwear for work, says Drew Davis, president of Colorado-based distributor Specialty Incentives, functionality and utility should take priority, and buyers should look at apparel purchases as an investment in their team. “Froma buyer’s perspective, they’re wanting their teams to not only look good, but to feel good about the apparel that they’re wearing,” he says. “From the professional perspective, there needs to be some utility and function to it. It’s beyond just, ‘Here’s a jacket’—it has to be a jacket that you’re going towant towear.” Coats and jackets comprise just over half the global winter wear market, valued at $290 billion in 2020 and expected to grow to almost $360 billion by 2025. But sweaters and cardigans are the fastest-growing category, proving that comfort is still king, thanks to the pandemic andWFH style. Think lightweight pieces that are portable and handy to carry. Neutral or earth tones also remain popular, as well as textures like quilting or buttery soft fleece that are soothing or interesting to touch. “Beyond the continued influx of neutral shades, variation of greys and earth tones, color trends in apparel and textiles will blend into the use of textures,” says Elson Yeung, president and designer with supplier KNOSS Apparel. “We should expect to continue seeing this as a trend, but also a demand fromconsumers.” INNOVATE 32 | SEPTEMBER 2022 |