PPB July 2022

decentralized-everything world—success can be found by scaling capabilities and reach in multiple directions to both grow and stay relevant. James Pogue, PhD, President and CEO of James Pogue Enterprises, is kicking off NALC’s second day with “Diversity, Inclusion And Bias: Measuring Progress, Improving Performance And Increasing Productivity,” a session on measuring organizational success in diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias efforts. Along with providing the latest research on bias, the session will clarify the connection between diversity, inclusion, bias and organizational success. Author, speaker and leadership strategist Sara Canaday is presenting NALC’s final education session, “Leadership Unchained: Defy Conventional Wisdom For Breakthrough Performances.” A rapidly changing business environment demands that successful leaders interrogate and potentially disrupt the way they see, think and lead. Canaday’s session provides a roadmap to facilitating effective change through a dynamic combination of case studies, experience, and storytelling. For more information and to register, visit www.ppai.org/events/north-americanleadership-conference. Vala Afshar Dr. James Pogue | JULY 2022 | 85 CONNECT