PPB July 2022

PPPCCOMMUNIQUÉ by Poonam Chopra The Women’s Empowerment Event Is Back Engage with insightful and influential women leaders at PPPC’s Women’s Empowerment Event, coming this fall to Niagara-on-the Lake, Ontario. Promotional Product Professionals of Canada’s (PPPC) Women’s Empowerment Event (WEE) community is a tight-knit group of women who come together each year to create a networking and learning experience for women to share knowledge and ideas. This year will be no different. WEE will be held between September 30 and October 1 at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and our attendees are thrilled to reconnect with each other again in person. The WEE ladies are always there to support and lean on each other and are proud of their community. “WEE is the sell-out event that has something for every woman in our industry,” says Ann Baiden, MAS, Co-Chair WEE Committee. “As co-chair, it has been truly inspiring to watch the event’s growth and rewarding to see friendships flourish and personal growth transpire. I have witnessed learning through both laughter and tears as our speakers continue to raise the bar year over year. The WEE energy needs to be experienced!” The event hosts various speakers and panel discussions around women’s empowerment and women in business today. Attendees get to meet, interact, and listen to other influential women in the business world. In 2019, our last in-person event saw over 100 leading ladies representing 78 companies, 29 of whom were brand new to WEE. Our statistics showed that 65% of attendees were new to the WEE community. According to Carol De Ville, MAS, from The Branding Company, since its inception, a key strategy of the Women’s Empowerment Event was to create a learning environment that allowed fellow industry associates to learn amongst their peers, share deep insights about where the industry is leaning, and understand and gain knowledge on how to be a stronger woman in business. “WEE has far outshone its objectives and has become a must attend the event,” De Ville says. “Through industry sponsorship and attendance from both Canada and the U.S., the event has grown in all capacities, from the high level of engaged speakers, the type of venue, the supplier support, the lifelong friendships that are developed, and the incredible business networking to a sold-out event.” Kate Plummer, MAS, of Clearmount Plastics, says, “The professional development that goes on at this event should not be missed. It’s an amazing chance to build your skillset and make deeper connections with your clients and other professionals who share the same achievements and challenges as you.” WEE is a two-day rejuvenating, fresh attempt to build a stronger community by empowering ourmembers and building friendships and strengthening contacts within the promotional products industry in an inviting atmosphere. Recognized and award-winning panellists will leave you inspired andmotivated. Join other influential women in designing a new tomorrow. Contact Katrina A. Derksen at katrina@pppc.ca for more information on the event. Chopra is a communications specialist at Promotional Products Professionals of Canada. | JULY 2022 | 77 CONNECT