PPB July 2022

Whether you are trying to give your customers the USA made product they request, or you are looking to comply with the Buy American Act, identifying true Made in USA product can be harder than it should be. With the Buy American Act changing in October 2022 to require 60% American component content and 75% by 2029, when you read, “Made with US and foreign components,” how do you know if you are compliant with the changing requirements or if your customer is getting what they asked for? IS IT REALLY USA MADE? Member #113946 Markings Look for USA or Made in USA etched or molded on the product itself. US manufacturers are proud to manufacture their products domestically and are not afraid to permanently place it on the product. Ask for it in writing A supplier of a true USA made product will not think twice about putting it in writing, including the percentage of US component content. Buy from Pen Company of America Proudly manufacturing millions of 100% USA made plastic writing instruments annually since 1928 and the new home of Garland Writing Instruments. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed U.S.! In the writing instrument space, here are some helpful tips to recognize a true, compliant USA MADE writing instrument www.pencoamerica.com