PPB July 2022

Your way of doing things has gotten you this far, but will it take you to where you want to go in your promotional products business? To get ahead, you may need to consider the need to tear down before you rebuild even stronger. by Simon T. Bailey Fifth in a series The opening keynote speaker at The PPAI Expo 2022, Simon T. Bailey will share his experienced approach to customer relations and personal growth with PPB all year. Unlearn And Relearn Have you ever been in an argument that never seemed to be resolved? According to The Gottman Institute, two-thirds of the arguments couples have are perpetual, meaning they fight about the same things today that they fought about five years ago. I think the same is true for the struggles we have within ourselves. We’ll often spend time going back and reworking some of the internal battles we think we’ve already won. If we really want to get meta here, we could say humankind is grappling with the same things today that Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius was dealing with when he wrote Meditations back in Ancient Rome. So, what’s the point? We’re on a continual journey of unlearning and relearning. The point is less about getting it right andmore about who we become in the process of figuring it out. I was on a recent trip to San Diego and had a revelation. I had it once before, but needed to revisit. Here it is: At times, I overwork myself to the point of having somany balls in the air instead of concentrating my focus on one, two, or three things that are all working together. After flying nearly 15 hours and changing planes in four states, I woke up to the fact that I need to trust the process and let go. I need to not worry about everything and say “no” more often so that I can say “yes” to the right opportunities. As a team, my employees and I need to really, really focus on simplifying howwe do everything. So, while I was traveling, instead of spending my downtime writing "OESFX 3BGBMTLZ 1FOTJSJ 4IVUUFSTUPDL DPN 62 | JULY 2022 | THINK Spa r k i ng Br i l l i ance