PPB July 2022

produced faster and in some cases are less expensive. Bringing in a container or air freight is astronomically expensive right now. Today, producing products here gives us more solutions.” For MVP Sportswear, a Van Nuys, California supplier, President Helen Karapetyan cites shorter delivery times, higher quality control and easier problemsolving as advantages to selling Americanmade apparel in her business. She also notes “a greater ability to be creative,” “flexibility throughout the process” and the “ability to accommodate all sizes needed, with no orders too small or too large.” Brugger also points to color consistency and the product safety component. “The color consistency is a higher grade,” he says, explaining that if an order is placed for tomato red t-shirts, this t-shirt will be the exact shade of tomato red if an order is placed months or years later. Also important, he explains that products manufactured in the U.S. are held to more stringent safety requirements and inspections. “Whether it’s OSHA or food safety, there’s more legislation than oversight of what we manufacture here, which does increase quality.” Whether gifting a branded pullover to new hires in an onboarding kit, offering it to employees in a company store or selling to end users at retail, American-made products also carry a lighter carbon footprint due to an easier transport. The cargo shipping industry, for instance, is a major producer of pollution and is responsible for about 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions each year, NPR reports. When American-made apparel is also fashioned from U.S.- grown cotton and/or recycled fibers, the environmental impact is even gentler. As Karapetyan says, “guaranteed quick turnaround and delivery, and availability of reorders” are also major perks to USA-made gear. But these advantages coincide directly with shorter transport distances and thus, a gentler environment impact. Brumer says that Royal Apparel has millions of garments in stock that can ship domestically within a day, and because of U.S. regulations, as mentioned above, the ordering experience carries greater transparency. “We also show our production schedule on what we are currently producing in our vertical production, so customers can plan,” he says. An issue that arises when choosing American-made products is that these items are typically costlier than similar counterparts produced overseas. But the factors which typically contribute to a higher price tag—greater supply-chain transparency and oversight, ethical treatment of workers, higher-quality materials, a lighter eco-footprint coupled and shorter timelines, to name a few— collectively make for a superior product with a backstory that’s better aligned with production, green and ethical standards of other U.S. businesses. Brugger also says that with heightened transport and shipping fees, American-made goods are no longer more expensive by default, depending on the products. Incorporating promotional products with a backstory that aligns with a brand’s mission or vision leads to a more impactful impression overall, and shows the recipient that brands are taking the extra steps to ensure quality over quantity. An attractive, casual option that’s fit for everyone is the Unisex Pocket Long-Sleeve Crew. Made in Anaheim Hills, California, from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this heavyweight tee features open-end yarn, and a two-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Available in 18 colors, shown in ash. Bayside Made In America / PPAI 213725, S4 www.usabayside.com The Made In USA Knit Sweater makes coziness into a fun event with a fully custom, knitted design. Made from 100% jacquard knit, brands can market vibrantly with up to six colors. FPS Apparel / PPAI 273314, S3 / www.fpsapparel.com Ame r i can-Made | JULY 2022 | 41 INNOVATE