PPB July 2022

Ame r i can-Made by Danielle Renda Only In America From greener fabrication to shorter timelines and superior customer service, there are many benefits to using American-made products in campaigns, which apply to end users, clients and distributors alike. With supply-chain disruptions persisting, wearables made in the USA serve as practical (and appreciated) solutions. From large, recurring orders to small one-offs, the message carried by promotional wearables fashioned from suppliers stateside extends far beyond the client’s branding alone. In an economic climate that’s forecasted to grow this year—U.S. gross domestic profit is estimated to increase 3.2%, according to S&P Global—and continue to stabilize after a period of major disruption, the benefits are even more palpable. ANEK SANGKAMANEE / bbernard / Ortis / Shutterstock.com INNOVATE 36 | JULY 2022 |