PPB July 2022

TOP LARGE COMPANIES FEATURE | Greatest Companies To Work For Goldstar PPAI 114031, S10 Category: Supplier Top executive(s): Howard Cubberly, general manager, global Headquarters: San Diego Founded: 1970 Employees: 119 Website: goldstarpens.com Benefits/unique perks: A “remotefirst” work policy for many locations, monthly work-fromhome utility reimbursement, 401(k) with employer match, tuition reimbursement What employees say: “Goldstar is one of the first truly healthy work environments I’ve ever experienced. Despite the fact that I came from a company dedicated to employee recognition, I’ve never felt as genuinely appreciated before. Every team member I’ve had the pleasure of working with has been genuinely kind and supportive, which is rare to find.” HPG PPAI 110772, S10 Category: Supplier Top executive: Chris Anderson, CEO Headquarters: Boston Founded: 2017 Employees: 391 Website: hubpen.com Benefits/unique perks: Employee assistance program, 401(k), advancement opportunities based on performance What employees say: “We are full of honest, supportive and encouraging people at all levels throughout the company. No day is ever perfect anywhere, but management will always take the time out of their day to offer support and guidance when needed.” Indoff, Inc. PPAI 225638, D7 Category: Distributor Top executive(s): Jeff Ross, president Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri Founded: 1971 Employees: 92 Website: indoff.com Benefits/unique perks: Health, vision and life insurance, and 401(k) employer matching What employees say: “I would describe working at Indoff as a laidback work environment with a lot of autonomy to complete my workload. I love the open-door policy and being able to speak to the leadership team at any time. I feel appreciated for the work that I do and love that the CEO greets everyone by name daily.” Orbus Exhibit & Display Group PPAI 418128, S7 Category: Supplier Top executive(s): Gary Keefer, CEO Headquarters: Woodridge, Illinois Founded: 2001 Employees: 195 Website: orbus.com Benefits/unique perks: Flexible scheduling and remote work option, profit-sharing and bonuses, tuition reimbursement, personal and professional development, social gatherings What employees say: “I have gained a lot of professional experience while working at Orbus.… It has been admirable to see Orbus go through the struggles and challenges of the pandemic and come out strong and with a bright future.” Indoff, Inc. Goldstar Orbus Exhibit & Display Group HPG 34 | JULY 2022 |