PPB June 2022

By now your sales force is well into sales for the second quarter of 2022 and eyeing Q3. For a lot of organizations, 2020 was a terrible sales year and 2021 brought record sales. But as 2022 began amid potentially dark economic clouds, you may not have known what to expect. Affinity HR Group doesn’t have any crystal balls for what the future holds, but we do have some ideas about how to be best prepared to meet whatever challenges may come. 1Set Appropriate Sales Goals We’re assuming you don’t have a crystal ball either, so this can be a tough one. Market uncertainty, with the potential of high growth or significant decline, adds to the difficulty of setting realistic, achievable goals each quarter. If you’ve historically set goals based on previous sales (e. g. 2021 Q3 sales plus X%), it may be time to revise that process. And just because you set goals one way at the beginning of the year doesn’t mean you can’t adjust them in times of market uncertainty. Major economic changes like recessions, account changes due to mergers and acquisitions, global instability and major weather calamities are just a few of the reasons to have a second look at sales goals. Many organizations address the issue of market uncertainty by setting six-month or even quarterly sales goals. In organizations where sales are typically short cycle, regular review and adjustment of sales goals can be particularly effective. The pay model for sales reps is evolving constantly in 2022. Is your promotional products business up to date with current trends? by Susan Palé AlexRoz / Africa Studio / omravestudio / shutterstock.com Considering Commissions 54 | JUNE 2022 | THINK