PPB June 2022

Team & Spo r t s Un i f o rms by Danielle Renda INNOVATE 24 | MAY 2022 | Home Run Style Well-branded and good-looking team uniforms motivate players and stir excitement in fans—no curveballs here. At their most basic function, sports uniforms help fans to identify players. Without uniforms displaying a player’s name, respective team colors and logo, and jersey number if applicable, it would be impossible to understand what is happening on the field, court or rink, especially from a distance. But on a larger scale, sports jerseys represent the essence of a team, motivating players and creating a sense of unity. For fans, branded team clothing representing the team and bearing its logo and colors becomes sought-after merchandise they’re proud to wear. “When it comes to recognition of the team itself, the uniform is the most critical part of building that team comradery,” says Michael Brugger, president of Fully Promoted, powered by Proforma, a distributor in West Palm Beach, Florida. “When people are in uniforms, they tend to perform better