PPB June 2022

feedback Send feedback on articles in PPB or opinions on industry issues to JamesK@ppai.org. popicon / shutterstock.com Recipients Of PPB’s Greatest Companies To Work For Honor Win Praise In May, Newslink announced the winners of PPB’s Greatest Companies To Work For competition. This year, 47 companies made the cut, including distributors, suppliers and business services firms of all stripes and sizes. While the July issue of PPB will share more about the winners and what earned them their place on the list, that didn’t stop applause from industry members to pour in after the announcement. Congrats to all our folks at Proforma! I’m excited to be involved with the best in the industry! STEVE FLAUGHERS President/CEO Proforma 3rd Degree Marketing Canton, Ohio American Solutions for Business is just an incredible company. I am proud to be an owner and to share this honor with so many peers! Go Team American! CHRISTOPHER STEVENS Sales Executive American Solutions for Business Sarasota, Florida Most of the suppliers that are on the list are on my go-to list as well! Congratulations to them for being recognized. We really appreciate them! MARSHA GREINER-MASLANKA Sales Reprensentative Logodance, Inc. West Olive, Michigan PPAI 288538, D1 Bid Rigging Indictments A Sign Of A Larger Ailment In April, Newslink reported that three men were indicted by a federal grand jury in Florida for conspiring to rig bids for to the U.S. Army for customized promotional products. This is like popping a small pimple. Big money makes the weak corrupt, and there are a lot of corrupt people, even in the promotional products industry. Forever grateful for the career and the many blessings this industry has afforded me. At the same time, saddened with how ”big business” has infiltrated our nice little niche industry and created a lot of change. Our No. 1 distributor spends more on TV ads now than 99% of the promo distributors sell annually. Just like our society, the gap widens, soon 99.5% to 0.5%. JIM FRANKLYN Vice President of Business Development Swag Promo St. Augustine, Florida PPAI 562712, D5 8 | JUNE 2022 | INNOVATE