PPB November 2021

SPECIAL OBSERVANCES CALL FOR EXCEPTIONAL PROMOTIONS. Creative Calendar the If this calendar is helpful or if you have ideas for ways that we can better provide this information, email the editors at PPB@ppai.org. USE THESE DESIGNATED MONTHS AND DATES TO IGNITE YOUR IMAGINATION FOR RELEVANT—AND DISTINCTIVE—CLIENT PROMOTIONS. December February January National Hot Tea Month Black History Month 8 National Bubble Bath Day 26 National Spouses Day National Tie Month 15 National Cupcake Day 21 National Crossword Puzzle Day 3 National Bartender Day Product idea: Which faux pas do bartenders consider bad luck when garnishing a drink with olives? Prove your cocktail expertise with the Another Round trivia game written by the editors of PUNCH , an award-winning online magazine covering wine, beer, spirits and cocktails. An enclosed booklet offers instructions, tips for bartending and 10 unique cocktail recipes. Whether you’re hosting a trivia night or using the game cards as conversation starters, Another Round is the ultimate icebreaker. The Book Company / PPAI 218850, S5 www.thebookco.com Product idea: Pop single servings of hot, fresh popcorn in the microwave with this innovative mini silicone popcorn maker . No butter or oil is required. Simply fill with a quarter cup of kernels, close the lid flaps and heat in the microwave until the flaps open again to signal popping is complete. Perfect for a quick snack, this four-by-five- inch bowl is a fast and easy way to make the ideal amount of popcorn. Gemline / PPAI 113948, S11 / www.gemline.com 19 National Popcorn Day 20 National Comfy Day 9 National Pizza Day 22 National Margarita Day Product idea: Keep your neck and hands warm with the fleece mitten scarf . This scarf has an open-ended mitten pocket on each end for easy access with anti-pilling on one side. Available in six colors, this is a great giveaway for sporting events or other outdoor activities. Place small items into the pockets for that extra bonus. Suntex Industries / PPAI 113094, S5 www.suntexindustries.com 104 | NOVEMBER 2021 |