PPB May 2020

Product Idea: In light of National Anti-BoredomMonth, help your clients stand out at trade shows, fundraisers, store openings and other events with an element of fun reminiscent of The Price is Right . This Tabletop Prize Wheel with Lights features 12 to 24 slots surrounded by white LED lights on a wheel made from durable ABS plastic with a clear top panel and powder-coated steel frames. Even better, this made-in-the-USA item can be fully customized, and prize cards can slide in and out of the pockets as needed. Games People Play / PPAI 255096, S4 / www.gpplay.com SPECIAL OBSERVANCES CALL FOR EXCEPTIONAL PROMOTIONS. Creative Calendar the If this calendar is helpful or if you have ideas for ways that we can better provide this information, email the editors at PPB@ppai.org. USE THESE DESIGNATED MONTHS AND DATES TO IGNITE YOUR IMAGINATION FOR RELEVANT—AND DISTINCTIVE—CLIENT PROMOTIONS. 10 Ballpoint Pen Day 19 National Aviation Day 21 National Senior Citizens Day 28 National Milk Chocolate Day 5 National Donut Day 1 National Mountain Climbing Day 3 Stay Out Of The Sun Day 4 National Country Music Day National Adopt- A-Cat Month National Anti-Boredom Month Product Idea: There’s no better time to hit the beach and bask in the sun’s rays than the summertime. Distributors can show they’re keeping their top clients in mind with the Deluxe Rolling Cooler . The foam-padded cooler features a removable, clear liner; a top compartment for packed lunches; a locking pull handle and dual skate wheels, along with additional mesh pockets for storage. Customize the cooler with silkscreen, full color and embroidery options. Available in red and blue. BagWorld / PPAI 224757, S6 / www.bagworldpromo.com Product Idea: CBD products can offer many benefits, from relieving inflammation and pain, to reducing anxiety and depression, to improving sleep patterns. For National Senior Citizens Day, consider a leave-behind for end users following conferences, speaker sessions or store openings in the health and wellness space. These All-Natural Pain Relief Gummies are THC-free and include 25 milligrams of pure CBD isolate, made with plant-based ingredients and available in yummy fruit flavors. CBD Sport Solutions PPAI 768985, S3 cbdsportsolutions.com June August July 18 International Picnic Day National Wellness Month 92 | MAY 2020 |