PPB October 2019

SPECIAL OBSERVANCES CALL FOR EXCEPTIONAL PROMOTIONS. Creative Calendar the December January November If this calendar is helpful or if you have ideas for ways that we can better provide this information, email the editors at PPB@ppai.org. USE THESE DESIGNATED MONTHS AND DATES TO IGNITE YOUR IMAGINATION FOR RELEVANT—AND DISTINCTIVE—CLIENT PROMOTIONS. compiled by Danielle Renda 15 National Philanthropy Day Product Idea: A portion of sales from this twist-top Dog & Cat Rescue Pen go to Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter. Each pen comes packaged in a matching tube with an insert with more info about the cause. Retro 1951, Inc. / PPAI 111196, S1 / www.retro51.com 8 National Young Readers Day 3-9 National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week 4 Check Your Blood Pressure Day Safe Toys and Gifts Month 8 National Brownie Day Product Idea: The Custom Morsel 48 includes 48 scrumptious brownies in six flavors: caramel, chocolate chip, original, raspberry swirl, walnut and cream cheese. Fairytale Brownies / PPAI 317978, S4 / www.browniepromos.com 3 National Day of Giving 13 National Salesperson Day National Mentoring Month Product Idea: Recognize workplace or personal mentors with the Apple Tree Garden Can . The kit includes apple seeds, enriched soil, a pot to grow the seeds in and planting instructions with room for a personal message on the front. And even better, the plant can be grown right on the windowsill. GroLine / PPAI 111079, S2 / www.groline.com 12 National Pharmacists Day 14 National Clean Your Desk Day 24 Compliment Day 122 | OCTOBER 2019 |