PPB September 2019

SPECIAL OBSERVANCES CALL FOR EXCEPTIONAL PROMOTIONS. Creative Calendar the November December October If this calendar is helpful or if you have ideas for ways that we can better provide this information, email the editors at PPB@ppai.org. USE THESE DESIGNATED MONTHS AND DATES TO IGNITE YOUR IMAGINATION FOR RELEVANT—AND DISTINCTIVE—CLIENT PROMOTIONS. compiled by Danielle Renda 7 Personal Safety Day Product Idea: The UV-30 – UV Exposure Safety Meter Card is a laminated card featuring UV ink that changes color with the intensity of the sun’s UV rays. BUDGETCARD, Inc. / PPAI 110764 / www.budgetcard.com 7 Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Product Idea: The Crystal Pinnacle is an elegant keepsake to present to standout employees, departments and teams. International Merchandise Concepts / PPAI 112198 / www.imc-miracles.com 20 Universal Children’s Day Product Idea: The Sound Cupcake with Blow Sensor features a button on the front of the cup that, when pressed, plays the birthday song, while a candle light flashes in synch with the melody. CleggPromo / PPAI 111692 / www.cleggpromo.com 14 National Dessert Day 16 Bosses Day 17 Get To Know Your Customers Day 16 National Chocolate- Covered Anything Day 20 National Ugly Sweater Day 26 National Thank-You Note Day 16 International Day For Tolerance 15 National Philanthropy Day 8 National STEM/ STEAM Day National Diabetes Month blow sensor 124 | SEPTEMBER 2019 |