PPB August 2019

Special pricing expires on 08/31/19. Other restrictions may apply. Setup Charge: $49(g). Pricing subject to change. 72 pcs or more $ 6.49c Next Level Jersey Tank Tops ANL3533 100 pcs or more $ 0.49c Premium 4mm Collapsible Can Coolers AKZEPU 72 pcs or more $ 2.32c 16 oz. Tumbler Stemless White Glasses AAG108 50 pcs or more $ 8.14c 20 oz. Posh Stainless Steel Water Bottles ASB271 50 pcs or more $ 5.03c Macaw Shoulder Tote Bag with Mesh Pocket ATOT256 72 pcs or more $ 7.59c Next Level Mens Jersey Tank Tops ANL3633 MORE SUMMER DEALS Use Code: 08PPBDEA L for special pricing. Visit us today www.belpromo.com