PPB August 2018

C ompany leaders can make employees feel valued when they focus on employee engagement and communicate the vision of the company and the significance of employee contributions. A valued employee is more loyal, more productive, a better advocate of the brand and more motivated to work toward the greater good of the company. Here are 10 ways to increase employee engagement, starting with creating a positive and productive first day for new employees. 1 Set up a better onboarding process . Most companies have employees show up the first day, fill out a bunch of forms, fumble around getting their phone and desk organized and then send them on their way. How does that make a new hire feel welcome and valued? Instead, make the process personal and take the time to make sure the mundane tasks are dealt with before they walk in the door. Trust me, having business cards ready for them on the first day makes a huge difference. 2 Create a buddy system. Give the new hire someone who is available right away to help them figure out your processes, procedures and culture. Provide incentives to buddies so the job is done properly, and provide buddies with a training process so there is a set of expectations for helping the new hire through the first day, first week and first month. 3 Set up meetings with key department heads the first week. Give the new hire the Top 10 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement And Company Loyalty Begin fostering open dialogue and a sense of community today so you can count on your staff tomorrow. by Ben Baker 68 | AUGUST 2018 | THINK