PPB January 2018

Models are prepped for work on Royal Apparel's promotional video in 2017. The Hauppage, New York, supplier is using video as a storytelling medium to enhance the appeal of its Made-in-the-USA collections. FIVE MINUTES WITH Glen Brumer Sales Director For Royal Apparel Starring Apparel Supplier Royal Apparel knows that nothing beats a good story for getting the word out about the latest trends. So, the Hauppage, New York-based company has begun telling the story of its U.S.-made products through video, enhancing what’s already on the pages of its catalogs and throughout its website. Glen Brumer, sales director for Royal Apparel, spoke with PPB about the catalyst for his company’s foray into film. PPB Why choose video as a medium for sharing Royal Apparel’s new styles with clients? Brumer Technology is advancing, and the videos are a great way to implement our omnichannel messaging. We are seeing an increase in our analytics from the videos. In addition to our website, the videos are also broadcast on YouTube [view the Hoodie Collection video at www.youtube.com/ watch?v=CcO2AElLvx0], Instagram and Facebook, and via email. PPB What does visual storytelling do for your brand that traditional methods of marketing and advertising, such as catalogs and flyers, can’t do? Brumer The videos help tell the story of our brand. As we unveil the videos, our customers will see the transparency of who we are and what we stand for. The videos enhance our catalogs and website. It is an additional avenue of our marketing strategy to support our other platforms. In the past, there were not many outlets for video other than high-cost TV ads. Now it’s like we can have our own TV channel and share our story. PPB What initial challenges, if any, did you experience in the production of the videos, and how did you overcome them? Brumer The hardest part of the videos is the preproduction and planning. There are things such as weather that we don’t have control over. Also, making sure our models fit our lifestyle and can act in a video, which is much different than how they pose for photos. It is also key that our videographer, Dan Brumer, understands our story. He is a trained, experienced filmmaker who works with us from conception, as we collaborate on the script, through the final edited video. PPB What did you learn in the process, and how will you improve or modify this unique approach to marketing in the future? Brumer We are learning that our videos are being well received and what our customers are reacting to, and we use this feedback to implement newer projects. We are now expanding the types of videos we are producing, as there are so many chapters to the story of Royal Apparel. | JANUARY 2018 | 71 THINK